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Just like finding a good summer camp for your kids, you have just found an environment where your dog will be happy, have fun, is safe and well-cared for while you are away.


(It's just too bad we don't take kids!)

Dog Camp offers:

• Comfortable home & safe fenced-in backyard

• In-our-home care (no kennels!)

• Affordable rates

• Responsible and trust-worthy caregivers

• Special discounts for multiple dogs

• Walks...whatever length your dog prefers

• Outdoor & indoor play

•  Socialization with no more than one or two dogs

• Care for all ages from puppies to elderly dogs

• A healthy, well-rested dog when you come home

• Car rides, rigorous exercise & field trips...upon request

• Acommodation of special diets and needs

Work long days?  Ask about Day Camp.

Contact Jack or Ann Mayer Eisen at or 314-993-1991 for more information, pricing, and references.

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