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I started Design Annex to create a flexible environment in which I could focus on design excellence.
As a one-person shop, I offer many benefits clients can’t find at larger agencies.


• I focus on design and rely on outside talent such as writers, illustrators, photographers, proofreaders, web developers and other professionals as needed. I can build a team tailored to your project’s needs.


• My low overhead allows me to offer you more efficient budgeting in which you are paying for design and not the expense of operating a design firm. 


• Being a solo-practicing designer allows my clients the consistency of one designer. Your project will not get shifted from one designer to another, from a creative director to an entry-level designer. I will work with you directly on everything from concept development and revisions to production so that you have one person who understands your project and your needs throughout the process.


• I control my work flow so I can focus individually on each client. I treat each client as a top priority whether they are a small business, a not-for-profit organization or a large corporation.


As a graphic designer with nearly 35 years of experience, 9 years working at top-notch design firms and 25 years working independently as Design Annex, I can offer my clients large firm design expertise at freelance prices and the consistency of one designer.

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